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Astroteh Ltd. is specialized in design and production of portable exhibition equipment in Russia since 1998.

The company provides services in exhibition and office equipment design on a basis of customer sketches and requirements. The equipment may be portable or fixed for fitting out an exhibition booth, an office space or a showroom.
There are more than 300 models of portable exhibition displays and constructions designed and put into production by Astroteh Ltd. Many of the items do not have analogues on the Russian exhibition services market.
Our customers have an option to buy a single item of portable displays series or a COMPLETE SOLUTION. This complete solution is made of several set of items that can be changed according to the situation.
Fitting out an exhibition booth or a public event with the use of portable displays is a well known and useful marketing instrument all over the world.
Every year we add new models to our product range, designed on a basis of our clients' needs and current requirements to exhibition equipment.
Our own production capacity allows us to produce portable displays both in standard versions and with many additional options, made on a special request.
Astroteh Ltd. product range includes following PORTABLE DISPLAYS:
Image constructions:
Counters for customer's area:
Items for sample demonstration:
Portable displays of our production can be used for fitting out the following events and places:
  • Exhibition booth
  • Conference
  • Promo action
  • Point of sale (P.O.S.)
  • Museum
  • Exhibition hall
  • Show room
  • A part of an office and/or indoor working space
  • Presentation
Our products are made for long-term use. For producing our portable display we carefully select only quality materials. We have Quality Control system (QC) on each stage of the production. 
«Budget safe» investment
Once portable displays are made, it's possible to use them many times, on a condition that customers use and store them properly. Our Customers save money every time they use portable displays.
Portable exhibition equipment is useful not only in exhibition, it can be used in any event where it's necessary to represent a company in the best way.
Portable displays can be quickly set up on any fair/office ground by Customers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' personnel and do not require any special working skills. A company's employee can bring a portable display, set it up just in a few minutes and start working.
Storable package
Our products are packed in robust bags or containers, that fit both for transportation and storage. The bags are produced of reinforced tissue. In comparison with large size package (plastic, wood or cartoon boxes) bags fit better for display tranasportation in hands or by car.
Simple to assemble
All portable displays that we offer, can be assembled and disassembled many times by Customer's personnel and do not require any special skills or tools.
Easy to transport
All portable displays can be transported by car or in hands.
Portable displays produced by our company, are multy-functional. Many models combine several functions at the same time: for instance pop-up display «Nevod» can be an image display and at the same time a showcase and a dividing wall; lightboxes of LS series can be an image display with light and a leaflet dispenser; portable vitrina RPK combines many functions – it is a showcase, a reception and a leaflet dispenser.
All printed surfaces of the portable displays are fitted out according to the Customer's corporate style. This allows to make a trade mark more easy to remember in course of different events and after.
All solutions that we offer to our Customers, can be transformed according to different booth sizes. Every display can be used separately in a small booth, or as a part of a big Complete solution where many different displays are set together.
We offer to our Customers
Minimal production time
Our company can produce portable displays as quick as you need them.
Our company periodically offers to our Customers a possibility to join the special offer program for certain models.
These models and Complete solutions are being offered already with discount.
Our 3D Department develops different variants of fitting out a booth or event with the use of portable displays FREE.
Big choice of portable displays enables us to offer many variants according to Customers' needs, objectives and budget.
For preparing variants of a project we recommend to fill a detailed BRIEF, which is possible to download from our web-site and then send back to us.
Ready solutions
There are a lot of READY SOLUTIONS (in the portfolio) i.e. projects that have already been elaborated in detail.
A brief review at these projects allows a Customer to get an idea of different possibilities in using portable displays and to see various options.
Our design department develops high quality lay-outs for portable displays.
In our showroom it's possible to see samples of portable exhibition equipment and receive a professional consultation from our specialists.
Our services:
Assembling and disassembling
In case of necessity our specialists are ready to provide assistance in assembling and disassembling portable displays at a exhibition booth.
Change of photopanels
Further, when information printed on a portable display needs to be updated, all printed surfaces (photo-panels) can be changed for new ones.
Portable display service
Portable exhibition equipment is durable on condition that it's being used carefully during transportation and/or assembling. If, for any circumstances, portable displays and/or their elements are damaged and/or lost, we can either repair or change them within minimum time.
Portable display upgrade.
Our company also provides an upgrade service for any portable displays that have been bought earlier. In most cases it’s necessary when:
- Portable displays bought earlier are not sufficient any more for active Customers' company development. In this case, the existing set of portable displays can be harmoniously supplemented with new constructions of our product range, that is constantly being updated;
- the constructions bought earlier (including pop-up displays) need to be enlarged in width, height or it's necessary to change their configuration;
- a Customer's company is changing corporate image (RE-BRANDING) or launches new products on the market. In these cases the optimal solution is to change existing printed surfaces (the photo-panels) with new ones, keeping the metal structure elements intact. This allows to minimize expenses for upgrading and not to change drastically the format or participation in different events that is accepted in a company.
Delivery within Russia.
On a Customer's request, exhibition equipment can be delivered by a transport company thoughout Russia.